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Meet the Authors:


Don Goodman/Songwriter - Born Hohenwald, Tennessee 1944

Don Goodman was born in Hohenwald, Tennessee in the Swan Creek area where much of this story takes place

As a child Don's family followed the call of the automobile and moved to Detroit, Michigan. At the Wyandotte Church of Christ young Don sat between his mother who sang sharp soprano and his father who sang flat bass, so singing in pitch for Don has always been the impossible dream.


He still holds the record for fifty-eight unexcused absences the first time he journeyed through his sophomore year at Taylor Center High School. He spent days in a neighbor's tree writing short stories and poems.

Fueled by the faith of Miss Rosa Lou Wilson, a teacher who convinced him he could be a writer he hitchhiked to Nashville in 1961 with a handful of songs and a twelve string guitar that he still can't tune or play. A couple of thousand songs later he's still, "Livin' the dream."


In 1986 at the "Bull's Creek Bait Shop" in Gallatin, Tennessee he married his beautiful wife Gayle. That same year Don, Mark Sherrill and James "Bo" Bohon composed the country music classic, "Ol' Red." Now that song has inspired him to write his first novel. 


Don resides in Tennessee with his wife, son Jeremy, daughter Tiffany and granddaughter's Alyssa and Charlee.


Jack Conrad/Songwriter, Bass Player - Born Easton, Maryland 1948

Jack was born in Easton, Maryland.


His pioneering family migrated to the Wild West...Denver, Colorado in the '50s where he received his formal education. His epic struggles to get to the distant schoolhouse (6 blocks away), contending with the frontier city's almost constant blizzards and packs of wolves and other wild animals chasing him to school and back home...uphill both ways, would actually make a great movie! (A Sci-fi docu-dramady with lots of special effects to distract from its' woeful lack message and plot.)


As young Jack's leadership skills blossomed he was often singled out by his mentors as an example to his fellow students. "We're going to make an example out of you," they'd promise him almost daily. But there was no deterring this junior Einstein from his career path of 'hanging out, waiting to be discovered'. (Still waiting btw)

Moving to Hollywood in the '60s, Jack dreamed of finding stability and structure. Instead he was lured into a depraved that perverted his somewhat modest musical talent and led him to appear and record with 'name acts' and worse, to the writing of 'hit songs.'


A recovering musician and songwriter Jack lives in the Hollywood Hills with his lovely wife, Michelle and his loving family, Babalou and Cookie. His other son, Theo, lives in the foothills of the Sierras with a herd of llamas. It's better that way.

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